Sunday, November 29, 2009

The BrimTier Chronicles, Part 3, Sins of a BrimTier Pirate is in pre-production

"Sins" is now in pre-production and will be on bookshelves and online stores
and in your hands early 2010.

Here is the synopsis of the book to wet your appetites:

Change in any society is not easy but it's even harder
when it's self-confessed criminals trying to bring it about -
having the whole universe to spread the word to makes it
even harder still. Captain Bryce and his crew haven't given
up their attempts to help the poor and oppressed of the
Second BrimTier but they have had some hard slaps of reality
and are beginning to see the enormity and futility of their

They manage a few wins and gain some unexpected allies but
also suffer horrific losses that push them all to their limits
and forces the captain to issue a likely-vain challenge.

This marks the third journal in the life and times of the
Robin Hood pirate. Join Captain Iain Bryce and his crew as
they continue to help the less fortunate while keeping out of
reach of the Confederational Regime Forces.

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